CD Herod Layne - Sealand Fire

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CD Herod Layne - Sealand Fire

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Tags: post-rock, instrumental

There are some reasons why Herod Layne recorded this new work:

a) “Sealand Fire” and “Crossroad” are two tracks known to their live public for quite some time now. It’s time they got them recorded.

b) They are packing their gears to fly to Canada for a small tour. They need new material.

c) The whole story of Sealand and the imagery of a concrete building caught on fire in the middle of the goddamn ocean is a SONG by itself. Someone had to write it.

d) “Crossroad” features two ideas born in the studio and caught at first take – the spoken words and the ghostly guitar effects. That’s delay and reverb at their best.

e) “The Cross” was created at that very moment they recorded the effects for “Crossroad”. They had to use it somehow.

f) They are currently in the heart of an unthought-of experimental local scene under life formation. New tracks and new bands are being delivered on a weekly basis. It’s a breathing data-fed meta-organism expelling bits of random concepts of chords and noise. That’s momentum out there. That’s memetic symbiosis. That’s zeitgeist.

g) They needed new material basically.

Sealand Fire was produced by Gustavo “Big” Simão at Choque DB Studios, São Paulo, as well as the recent works by Gray Strawberries, s.o.m.a. and the upcoming release by Hoping To Collide With.



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